What to Buy in September


September brings the beginning of fall: crisp weather chills us, pumpkin-spiced everything delights us, cute fall booties make their comeback, and warm cozy sweaters surround us. September also brings the beginning of the school year, and with that come some good back-to-school deals…yay for us!!

  1. Labor Day Deals:Labor day offers mega discounts for retail stores. Here are just a few:a.     Apparel: Back-to-school deals + Labor Day deals = major win for you!

    b.     Appliances: Big deals on home appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc. are found in stores during the Labor Day Sales period. Be on the lookout as well for special offerings paired with the sales, such as free delivery.

    c.     Mattresses: Maybe it’s the realization that winter hibernation is around the corner but for whatever reason, Labor Day weekend sees HUGE discounts on mattresses. Be sure to take advantage of these deals!Apparel: Back-to-school deals + Labor Day deals = major win for you!

  2. Summer Tools: Summer tools and gear such as lawnmowers, grills, and outside patio furniture will go on sale in September as the summer winds down. What a great time to start preparing for next year!
  3. Holiday Airfare: As you may have heard, airlines suggest booking flights anywhere from 8-10 weeks in advance to get the best deal. Well, the month of September falls right in that window! If you are making plans for holiday travel, September is the month to start solidifying those travel plans and booking the flights. Airfare will only get more expensive as we make our way into October and that prime purchasing window disappears.
  4. Cars: If you are willing to live with a “old” new car, September is a good month to buy the current years’ model as dealerships make way for the newer models coming shortly. You may be able to get a good deal on just a slightly older “new” car.