Did you know October is Financial Planning Month…What does that mean?

Financial Planning is something that many sidestep around. For most of us, the reason might have to do with not knowing where to start, or lack of knowledge about how important it is for your life.

To help our sisters, this month Financial Sisterhood will provide answers to your questions regarding Financial Planning such as:

  • What does Financial Planning encompass?
  • What is considered a “good” financial plan?
  • Why is planning so important?
  • What documents should I have included in my plan?
  • Can I do it by myself?


Throughout the month of October, we will provide answers to help you get excited about Financial Planning and what it can do for you. In addition, we welcome any questions regarding financial planning from you! Email us, tweet us, post on our FB page…Ask any questions you have! We want to help YOU!

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