Financial Planning: Where do I start?

            We all know that the hardest part of going to the gym is actually getting there. Starting your Financial Plan, and your future plan can be similar. Sometimes the hardest part is just taking the first step to start, especially when you aren’t sure what that first step really is.

            If you have decided that you need to take your financial life, freedom, and future into your own hands (because after all, no one else is going to do it for you! Spoiler alert: other people don’t care about yourfinancial future and aren’t going to help you ‘just because’), then you have already arrived at step one! Congratulations, nice job!

            The first step in creating a financial plan is really understanding how important it is to your future and having the motivation to understand who benefits most from your decision (P.S. it’s You!). Your future self will definitely thank you, trust me.

            The second step to creating a financial plan is something that you can start to do on your own before meeting with a financial planner. Since you have realized that creating a plan is vital, you can now think about why you came to this realization. What is it that made you think about your financial future? Is it children, your love of traveling, aging parents, your hobby, the feeling you will have when you’re financially free to live on your hobby, the feeling…. click here to continue reading