Retirement: Then vs. Now

“Retirement” today has a much different meaning than “Retirement” 36 years ago in 1980. Today’s graduates of the working world must be more self-sustaining and adapt to a completely different lifestyle. Take a… Continue reading

Christmas in September: How to beat the post-holiday blues NOW

  The following is a true story: September 6th, 2016: witnessed an entire aisle of Halloween decorations in a department store as well as on display at end of aisles. Halloween decorations out… Continue reading

My childhood regret is my biggest fear for the future.

As you grow older, do you ever look back on your younger years and think “man, I wish I had tried _______”? or even “what if I had done _______”? For me, being… Continue reading

What to Buy in September

  September brings the beginning of fall: crisp weather chills us, pumpkin-spiced everything delights us, cute fall booties make their comeback, and warm cozy sweaters surround us. September also brings the beginning of… Continue reading

Today is Women’s Equality Day- Why This Day Is Important to Your Financial Goals

Women’s Equality Day is celebrated on August 26th each year, dating back 45 years to the first celebration in 1971. The day commemorates the vote in the year 1920 in which the 19th… Continue reading

The Best Things to Buy in August

Unfortunately, due to my age, I never had the luxury of returning to school after the Labor Day holiday but instead, I returned sooner, about the third week in August. For many, August… Continue reading

The TRIPLE WHAMMY That Women Face

    Women today face what I like to call The Triple Whammy — and it’s not something that is easy to overcome. However, if you plan, and you start right now, you… Continue reading

Navigating Through Wedding Season Without Going Broke

Navigating Through Wedding Season Without Going Broke               Your 20’s should be a time of great fun, of making memories, of starting to build your life. It should not mean going broke!… Continue reading

6 Travel Tips To Save Money This Summer

         Summer is a great time to hit the road and take in the sights with the kids. Save money this summer with these tips and tricks!   Use apps for road trips… Continue reading

BUSTED: The 4 Biggest Myths about Financial Planning

  Financial Planning. Here are the four biggest myths surrounding these ominous words. You may be surprised that Financial Planning actually isn’t all that scary–what’s scary is if you don’t address it!   … Continue reading