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What Documents Are Needed to Create a Financial Plan With a Professional?

When you meet with a financial advisor to begin creating your financial plan, at first it may seem as though they ask for quite a bit of documentation and information about your personal… Continue reading

What to Buy in October: Trick? or Treat?

Trick or Treat? Here are a few tips on what treats to purchase this month and what tricks to steer clear of. Jeans: Treat!             Denim that is still left over from the… Continue reading

Retirement: Then vs. Now

“Retirement” today has a much different meaning than “Retirement” 36 years ago in 1980. Today’s graduates of the working world must be more self-sustaining and adapt to a completely different lifestyle. Take a… Continue reading

The TRIPLE WHAMMY That Women Face

    Women today face what I like to call The Triple Whammy — and it’s not something that is easy to overcome. However, if you plan, and you start right now, you… Continue reading

BUSTED: The 4 Biggest Myths about Financial Planning

  Financial Planning. Here are the four biggest myths surrounding these ominous words. You may be surprised that Financial Planning actually isn’t all that scary–what’s scary is if you don’t address it!   … Continue reading