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6 Tips to Manage Holiday Spending Stress

While the holidays should be a time of joy and love, we are often faced with stress during the preparation for the big day. Here are 6 tips to help you manage and… Continue reading

What to buy in November: Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

  November is arguably the biggest shopping month of the year. With the holidays knocking at your door and retailers advertising at every possible moment, it is hard to not be tempted to… Continue reading

A “Good” Financial Plan is Like Shopping for Lingerie

Many women ask, “How do I know what is a “good” financial plan?” This question is sort of like buying lingerie—There is no right or wrong answer, what’s ‘good’ for you, may not… Continue reading

Christmas in September: How to beat the post-holiday blues NOW

  The following is a true story: September 6th, 2016: witnessed an entire aisle of Halloween decorations in a department store as well as on display at end of aisles. Halloween decorations out… Continue reading